Best online gambling sites for Australian players 2021: play and enjoy

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What can be more exciting than gambling? Only real money gambling that is available for you at any time and in any place! Australian gambling sites offer a wide range of entertainment for all tastes, with which you definitely won’t get bored. Mobile versions, apps — play how you like and get impressive winnings at the best pokies 2021. And in case you’re not yet too familiar with the opportunities provided by modern Australian online casino sites, it’s time to read a little guide from our experts to discover the world of gambling entertainment, and get answers to the most common questions from newcomers.

Is online gambling legal in Australia?

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If not to delve into the history, and not to go into the details of the current laws — yes. Gambling is legal, and is one of the official entertainment industries that allows you to earn real money. In terms of the law, the fundamental document in this sphere is the IGA, which was put into effect back in 2001. Many critics pay attention to the paradox of this law, according to which Australian online gambling sites technically do not have the right to provide services to customers from the home region. But don’t worry — all potential problems are cut out by two other principles, also set up within the IGA:

  • Local casinos can accept bets from players from other countries;
  • Australian gamblers who play for real money at casinos (both local and foreign) are not considered offenders by the legislature.

That is to say it’s not allowed to play, but if you really want to — you can, and there are no fines or penalties for it. And this is not the only advantage of local laws, because…

Do Australian players get taxed on their winnings?

…Australian customers do not have to pay taxes on the money won on the online casino site. Yes, that’s correct, you got that right. Local law considers gambling to be entertainment or a hobby, which cannot be classified as a professional practice (even if you win in a month on pokies more than the average worker earns in a year) and therefore is not subject to being taxed. Holy kangaroo!

Are Australian online casino sites safe to use?

So, it’s legal, and you don’t have to pay taxes for it. Already two obvious pluses, but we are just getting started. Thanks to the development of technology fans of gambling can enjoy their favorite pastime whenever and wherever they want — a stable Internet connection and a mobile device are enough. However, choosing an online casino site, you should be especially careful. The number of dishonest sites that use unlicensed slots increases every year, which threatens not only the probability of winning, but also your family budget.

The software suppliers are third-party providers. That is, when you play at a licensed online casino site, the data exchange is conducted with the provider’s server, which excludes the theoretical possibility of the administration of the service to change the settings of slot machines — even if it really wants to.

However, pirate slots have a similar concept. Design, interface, built-in options — all this is usually copied to the exact size. The only difference is that an unlicensed slot will not work correctly. At best, the system periodically gives out failures and errors, zeroing your game account and “draining” earned money due to technical defects. In the worst case — the casino owners periodically change the settings of a random number generator, responsible for forming combinations, which are used to calculate winnings. Anyway, it is impossible to play fairly and win money on pirate slots — you will always lose.

You can easily figure out if the service really offers licensed slots and games. Australian online casino sites do not hide this information from their customers. Details are placed either in the main page footer, or in a separate section of the site, specifying the rules and conditions of registration, links to sites of regulatory organizations, information about the legal name, date of issue and expiration, license number etc.

The presence of a license confirms not only the quality of presented software, but also the compliance of service with other criteria, including in terms of financial security and protection against theft of personal customer data. Regulators conduct due diligence, weeding out unscrupulous companies even at the application stage.

Choosing an online casino for safe play for real money, it is not necessary to spend time on your own search for information about the presence of a license. The easiest and most convenient option is to study reviews from our experts, where you can find only proven Australian gambling sites that really deserve your attention.

Are free games available at Australian online casino websites?

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If you don’t feel ready to play for real money, want to test a new strategy, or just have some fun — no problem. The demo mode is an opportunity to try the popular online pokies for free, to understand the rules and find tactics that suit your gaming style. Just open the official website of the online casino, hover over your favorite slot and click on “Demo”. The interface of the machines does not differ from the real game — you can adjust the desired bet size, select the number of active lines or activate the automatic spinning. Enjoy the gameplay, picking the slot that will bring you maximum profit!

For clients who have mastered the demo mode, it is not difficult to proceed to the real money game. Select the sign up option, check the available welcome bonus, specify your username, password and preferred currency — and get access to the full functionality of the service. The best casinos in Australia officially cooperate with world leading providers, allowing their customers to use not only the basic but also the free version of pokies.

Best casino bonus codes

What else do you need to know about modern gambling? Bonuses, of course. Nowadays every online casino actively competes for new customers, offering more and more favorable conditions — and one of the main ways to attract the attention of our experts is bonus offers. If the last time you visited a gambling hall back in the last century — be sure that you will get some pleasant surprises.

There are several ways to get a casino bonus. You don’t necessarily need to look for promo codes — in some cases, it is enough to register, and your account will be credited with a dozen or more free spins, or credits that allow you to play popular casino games. However, do not trust the first offer — it is worth carefully examining both the conditions of the action (the wager can be dangerously high), and the percentage of casino payout, which allows you to predict the outcome of the game for real money.

What are online casino payout percentages like?

We all know that success or failure in gambling is a matter of chance. But there are statistics and there are gambling websites that can’t only rely on a random number generator and risk losing money if one of their clients has a really good day. That’s why in every gambling game there are such things as house edge and RTP, that is, indicators of the basic advantage of the casino site, as well as the percentage of return on bets made by players.

Casino payout percentage is an indicator that is used by analysts to assess the reliability of the service. The closer is the value, which is obtained by dividing the total amount of bets and the amount of payouts for the reporting period, to 100% — the more attention deserves the service you have chosen. It is simple!

What games have the best winning opportunities?

Well, for those who have already thought about how to beat the casino — it’s time to talk about the games in which you will have the best chance of success.

Popular casino games

Popular casino games

To begin with, popular table games, which include almost everything that isn’t pokies, usually require at least a minimal knowledge of the rules and strategies. However, the probability of final success depends less on luck alone, so if you are willing to spend a little time to learn the basics of gambling — we advise you to pay attention to the following options.

Blackjack winning odds: 49%. In terms of handling, the most popular card game today is blackjack. The theory applies a concept such as standard variance, which can be expressed as a numerical value. Basically, it means the probability of winning (or losing). For one hand (one participant may play two or more hands), the value of the standard deviation is 1.14, and about 1.07 — for each committed bet under the standard rules of online casinos.

Winning strategy is based on the technique of counting the cards remaining in the deck in terms of their value for the final combination. The more senior ranks by the end of the draw — the higher the chance to beat the dealer in each of the next hand. A detailed table showing the math and probability can easily be found on the Web — use it!

Roulette winning odds: almost 50%. Roulette is a wheel with 38 numbers. The numbers from 1 to 36 are red or black, and the zero (and in American casinos — also double zero) is green. The dealer rotates the wheel, and the ball falls on one of the digits, while the player’s task is to guess which sector will bring success.

There are nine main types of bets in total, each with its own odds. This list includes:

  • Bets that cover half of the number field (minus zeros and double zeros) according to a certain criterion (color, even, group), paid as 1:1;
  • Outside betting on 12 sectors (columns/dozens), with a ratio of 2:1;
  • Bets on a specific number of adjacent fields (from 2 to 6), payable at odds between 17:1 and 5:1 respectively;
  • Single-point bets “Straight up” with odds 35:1.

So, the more sectors are closed by one bet, the less is the potential winnings. This strategy belongs to the low-dispersion ones, and allows to save the bankroll for a long time, but it practically reduces to zero the probability of winning the coveted jackpot. In turn, bets with high dispersion are more risky.

Top casino picks

If you just want to enjoy the game without having to look for a strategy — you can always check the selection of the most popular casino games, which can be found in reviews by our experts, as well as on the sites. The more players choose a particular pokie, according to statistics — the more likely it is that it will bring you real profit. However, in this case it is best to test the payout in a demo version first, and here’s why.

Free and real money pokies

The average RTP in pokies is usually in the 95-97% range. Simply stated, in ideal conditions every $100 invested will bring you back $97, while the difference is at the casino’s disposal. That’s not very interesting, is it? However, if we consider that the number of bets made daily is in the millions, and the distribution of winnings allows you to get much more than the nominal deposit — the probability to earn real money becomes much higher. Yes, it turns out that if you bet a tenner today, and won a hundred dollars — 90 of them were lost by someone else (including the casino). However, they always have an opportunity to win back — especially since bonuses and cashback very often cover all the costs of regular customers. That’s exactly how it works.

Thus, having gathered enough information with a free pokie, you can proceed on to playing for real money without worrying about your bankroll. Good luck!